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50.8 MB; 60.7 MB
OBJ , FBX , 3ds max 2011
589,413; 680,600
var1: Ø - 270 cm, h-270 cm, var2: Ø - 230 cm, h-200 cm
Unwrap UVW, UVW map, textured
Vray materials

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Albizia julibrissin, also known as "silk tree" is a species of the genus Albizia, family 'Fabaceae'. Originates from Southeast Asia and is widespread in China, Korea, Iran. The plant is often called "sleeping tree" because its leaves in the evening аре closed in sleeping position. At the height can reach 12 m bark is gray-green. The leaves have a length between 20 and 45 cm and 12-25 cm wide flowers are very beautiful, from pale pink to crimson. Plants are propagated by seeds that are planted in the spring. It blooms from late June to September. The fruit has long brown flattened pod with seeds inside. Albizia is not demanding on the soil conditions as well as humidity. Light and warm temperatures that is used for single and alleys plantings.

Albizia Julibrissin